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Adam Brand
‘I’m Coming Home’ 

I’m coming home, home to you
Like the air that I breathe
You’re the air I need
I’m coming home

For more than 20 years, homegrown country trailblazer Adam Brand has thrilled listeners from all walks of life with soulful songs of life’s most universal experiences, from love to loss and everything in between – along with the occasional high-octane motorsports anthem for good measure. Fresh from a seven-month road trip around Western Australia with partner Nui and baby Pepper, Adam is poised to release stirring new single ‘I’m Coming Home’.

Showcasing Adam’s sensitive yet passionate vocal performance, ‘I’m Coming Home’ is a soaring, heartfelt song of devotion for everyone who has ever felt the sting of separation from a loved one, and tasted the incomparable joy of reunion.

‘I’m Coming Home’ cuts straight to the heart of what people all over the world are feeling,” Adam says of the song. “There are families separated by borders, stuck in countries that are not their home, some merely in the neighbouring state but unable to return to loved ones because of this new and strange world that has been forced on us all. These words haven’t just been sung: they have been lived.”

“Whenever we go through a crisis, our first instinct is to return home, the place we feel safe and into the arms of those we love dearly. Service men and women have been leaving behind their loved ones and answering the call of duty  throughout history, and that yearning to be home and reunited is something that tugs at the very core of us all.”

“Right now, we all just want to be home,” Adam says of the song’s message. “That’s the tug on our heart at the moment. It’s not about the disconnection – it’s about the re-connection.”

Perfectly dovetailing with the song’s overriding message, ‘I’m Coming Home’ was recorded in the studio of friend of Adam’s in Perth.

“I was catching up with an old mate in his studio, so it was an old friendship rekindling,” Brand explains. “It just felt right.”

Adam has taken home 12 Golden Guitars, and has been nominated for six ARIA Awards. Across 15 studio records, the tireless artist has racked up three platinum and five gold albums, and claimed eight CMC Oz Artist of the Year Awards – more than any other artist.

Beginning with Built for Speed (2002), Adam’s studio outings have routinely taken out the No.1 spot on the ARIA Country Albums Chart. Most recent release Speed Of Life (2020) landed at the No.6 spot on the overall ARIA Albums Chart (Adam’s sixth release to crack the Top 10), and netted Adam two Golden Guitar nominations for Album of the Year and Male Artist of the Year. Career-retrospective double-disc compilation Milestones…20 Years (2018) also broke the Top 10 of the ARIA Albums Chart.

As dozens of No.1 hit singles attest, Adam is no stranger to chart success. Adam’s albums consistently soar to pole position on the charts. There Will Be Love (2012), My Side of the Street (2014), and Get On Your Feet (2017) were all No.1 on the ARIA Country Albums Chart and broke into the Top 10 of the overall ARIA Albums Chart, with There Will Be Love peaking at No.4, My Side of the Street at No.5, and Get On Your Feet at No.7. There Will Be Love also netted Adam two Golden Guitar nominations.

Away from stage and studio, Adam is an active supporter of Sydney Children’s Hospital Gold Foundation, Westmead Children’s Hospital, and The Salvos. He’s hosted The Great Outdoors, won Dancing with the Stars, and appeared on The Masked Singer and GOLD FM.

Adam has released numerous CMC No.1 film clips, and supported Taylor Swift on her US tour in 2011.

In the challenging world of 2021, there’s a renewed energy and maturity to Adam’s latest collection of songs, which have been penned and collaborated on over the past 12 months. 

“I’ve been doing a lot of writing,” Adam relates. “It was really nice to take the focus off performing and back onto that creative side. I was just quietly sneaking off to the studio, writing songs, sending tracks off. I was just having fun, sort of playing, because I had the time and the freedom to do so. I’ve written more in this last 12 months than I have in the last five years.”

Recently returned to the stage after a 16-month hiatus while he recovered from vocal cord surgery, Adam Brand is ready to bring ‘I’m Coming Home’ and a whole slew of captivating new songs to listeners and audiences across the country.